MetaCom 2023
IEEE International Conference on Metaverse Computing, Networking and Applications (IEEE MetaCom 2023)
June 26-28, 2023 · Kyoto, Japan

IEEE International Conference on Metaverse Computing, Networking and Applications (MetaCom 2023)

June 26-28, 2023 · Kyoto, Japan.

Call for Papers

IEEE MetaCom 2023 provides a forum for academic researchers and industry practitioners to present research progresses, exchange new ideas, and identify future directions in the field of Computing, Networking, and Applications for Metaverse.

Scope and Objectives

Metaverse is one of the key enablers for the future society, which is envisioned to bring a new revolution to digital world. For Metaverse, physical world will be seamlessly integrated with cyber world through digitizing physical objects to create digital twins, which poses numerous challenges on human-machine interfaces, ultra-low latency, extremely high resource demands, low traffic, reliability and trustworthiness. To realize this vision, it becomes indispensable for the convergence of computing, networking and applications for Metaverse in a wide range of domains including industry, finance, medical care, smart cities, entertainment, education, and agriculture.

The conference solicits submissions from all research areas related to Metaverse computing, networking, as well as their corresponding systems and applications. Topics of interests are covered by the following tracks:

Track 1: Metaverse Architectures and Applications

Track 2: Networking and Communications

Track 3: Metaverse Computing

Track 4: Blockchain and Web 3.0

Track 5: Security, Privacy, and Trust

Track 6: Theories, Experiments and Evaluations

Track 1: Metaverse Architectures and Applications (Track CFP)

  • Architecture and system design
  • Immersive services
  • Digital twin modeling and rendering
  • Animations and physical world simulations
  • Model evolution, composition and library
  • Holographic applications
  • Virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, extended reality
  • Metaverse applications in different domains, such as industry, healthcare
  • Design, implementation, and evaluation of novel applications
  • Measurement of commercial platforms
  • Scalability and interoperability

Track 2: Networking and Communications (Track CFP)

  • Network architectures and design principles for metaverse
  • Routing metrics and algorithms
  • Rendezvous services for metaverse
  • Resource control and allocation
  • Network management
  • Interactions between cyber and physical spaces
  • Data center communications for metaverse
  • Decentralized communications for metaverse
  • Ultra-low-time communications for metaverse
  • Green communications for metaverse
  • Holographic communications
  • B5G/6G for metaverse applications

Track 3: Metaverse Computing (Track CFP)

  • Adaptive resource provisioning and monitoring in the Metaverse cloud continuumn
  • Resource elasticity in the cloud continuum for Metaverse applications
  • Computation offloading for extremely low latency in the cloud continuum
  • Building flexible data paths in the cloud continuum
  • High-performance Metaverse data streaming and storage
  • QoS assurance and SLA in the cloud continuum
  • QoE-aware Metaverse service management
  • Distributed Digital Twins in the Metaverse
  • Tactile Internet for the Metaverse
  • End-to-end quality of service/experience in collaborative Metaverse applications
  • Distributed AI/ML for Metaverse resource management and applications
  • Data governance mechanisms in the Metaverse
  • Metaverse computing for cross-domain service interoperability
  • Metaverse computing for cross-context security and trust management
  • Scalability and resilience of cloud continuum-based Metaverse applications
  • System design and evaluation for immersive Metaverse experiences
  • Innovative proposals, middleware, and application components

Track 4: Blockchain and Web 3.0 (Track CFP)

  • Zero-trust architecture and protocol design for blockchain and web3.0
  • Incentive and consensus mechanisms for blockchain and web3.0
  • Identity Management System for blockchain and web3.0
  • Distributed storage, identifiers, and data verification in blockchain and web3.0
  • Fundamental limits and theoretical guidance for blockchain and web3.0
  • Emerging technologies for blockchain and web3.0
  • Hardware and infrastructure implementation for blockchain and web3.0
  • Smart contract and chain code
  • NFT applications and protocols
  • Semantic computing and services in blockchain and web3.0
  • Blockchain and web3.0 applications
  • Blockchain and web3.0 standardizations

Track 5: Security, Privacy, and Trust (Track CFP)

  • Security, privacy and/or trust frameworks for metaverse
  • Secure protocols for dynamic IoT networks and metaverse
  • Privacy mitigation techniques for IoT-enabled extended reality for metaverse
  • Secure data sharing and integration mechanisms across extended IoT networks for metaverse
  • Trust issues to address AI/ML techniques in metaverse
  • Security, privacy, and trust in the context of the metaverse
  • New cryptographic technologies for metaverse
  • Data security and governance
  • Privacy preserving technologies
  • Policy and regulation compliance
  • Trust management framework
  • ID management, authentication and authorization
  • Accountability for metaverse
  • Zero-knowledge proof for metaverse
  • Zero-trust architecture for metaverse

Track 6: Theories, Experiments and Evaluations (Track CFP)

  • Theoretical investigations on metaverse
  • Optimization, game theory, incentive designs
  • AI (e.g., machine / deep learning) experiments for metaverse
  • Simulators, testbeds, prototypes
  • Implementations, and field experiments
  • Verification of the existing knowledge
  • Performance evaluation and modeling
  • Quality of service and quality of experience
  • Standardizations for metaverse

Paper Submission and Publication

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