MetaCom 2023
IEEE International Conference on Metaverse Computing, Networking and Applications (IEEE MetaCom 2023)
June 26-28, 2023 · Kyoto, Japan

IEEE International Conference on Metaverse Computing, Networking and Applications (MetaCom 2023)

June 26-28, 2023 · Kyoto, Japan.

Track 3: Metaverse Computing

Track Chairs:
Paolo Bellavista, University of Bologna, Italy,
Yehia Elkhatib, University of Glasgow, U.K.,


Current datacenters for the “traditional” cloud and state-of-the-art networking solutions continue to lack the speed and capacity for the fully immersive experience required by most demanding applications in the Metaverse. In particular, due to its almost zero latency requirements, Metaverse datacenters will need to be in very close proximity to end users (and their localized groups), with network speeds that must be blazing fast. A fleet of decentralized local edge datacenters will be essential to enable distributed Metaverse computing, i.e., the cloud continuum for the Metaverse. The cloud continuum concept refers to the opportunity of taking advantage of a broad computing context that mixes Cloud, Edge/Fog and IoT resources, thus providing a continuum of computing services that pervasive systems and applications can access in a transparent and uniform fashion. Particularly, pervasive applications for the Metaverse will need a flexible and dynamic provisioning of computing services along the IoT-to-Edge-to-Cloud path, that is, a provisioning system capable of orchestrating (activating, deactivating, updating, integrating, etc.) processing, storage, and networking resources offered by heterogeneous infrastructures possibly owned by different providers. This summarizes what we envision as the main challenges for Metaverse computing for the next decade, and this is the general research area this track is centered on.

Track Topics

  • Adaptive resource provisioning and monitoring in the Metaverse cloud continuumn
  • Resource elasticity in the cloud continuum for Metaverse applications
  • Computation offloading for extremely low latency in the cloud continuum
  • Building flexible data paths in the cloud continuum
  • High-performance Metaverse data streaming and storage
  • QoS assurance and SLA in the cloud continuum
  • QoE-aware Metaverse service management
  • Distributed Digital Twins in the Metaverse
  • Tactile Internet for the Metaverse
  • End-to-end quality of service/experience in collaborative Metaverse applications
  • Distributed AI/ML for Metaverse resource management and applications
  • Data governance mechanisms in the Metaverse
  • Metaverse computing for cross-domain service interoperability
  • Metaverse computing for cross-context security and trust management
  • Scalability and resilience of cloud continuum-based Metaverse applications
  • System design and evaluation for immersive Metaverse experiences
  • Innovative proposals, middleware, and application components in the following vertical domains are welcomed:
    • Smart cities and communities
    • Industry 5.0 optimization and applications
    • Smart entertainment and infotainment
    • Gaming
    • Smart health
    • Smart energy management, energy communities, and smart grids

Paper Submission and Publication

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